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DSM announces integrated portfolio for plant-based meat alternatives

Royal DSM now offers a complete portfolio of integrated solutions for creating plant-based meat alternatives. The range is designed to enhance taste, texture and nutritional value, while also managing sodium content in meat alternative applications. Featuring a selection of yeast extracts, process flavors, hydrocolloids and nutritional ingredients, DSM’s full portfolio provides food producers with the tools they need to get to this thriving market fast, and meet growing consumer demand.

Breadth of products

DSM offers a unique breadth of solutions to help F&B companies tackle these challenges and delight discerning consumers. From umami-packed savory taste ingredients, through fermentation-derived and naturally extracted gelling and texturizing ingredients, across efficiency-boosting enzymes, to vitamins, nutritional lipids and other essential micronutrients, and high-end plant proteins.

Canola based proteins

Not only is DSM offering ingredients, but also vegan proteins derived from Canola oils, under de brand-name CanolaPro®. The productimproves the taste and texture of products including meat alternatives such as burger patties for a closer-to-meat experience. It improves the mouthfeel and protein levels of dairy alternatives, from plant-based beverages to yoghurt and ice cream. CanolaPRO® boosts the protein levels and nutritional profiles of products in the fast-growing lifestyle and wellness category, including protein shakes. It also provides a range of functional and nutritional benefits for staples such as bread and sauces.

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