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Genomatica to scale bio-nylon 50-fold with Acquafil

Clean manufacturing leader Genomatica signed a deal with Aquafil to build a demonstration scale facility to produce 100% renewable nylon-6. Responding to surging consumer interest in sustainable products, the material will go to leading global brands eager to explore and develop renewable products. The deal is a 50-fold expansion over previous production levels and represents significant acceleration toward commercializing renewably-sourced nylon-6 — a material that is poised to reshape a $960 billion textile industry, Genomatica CEO Christophe Shilling says.

Focus on technology development

Genomatica and Aquafil will work together to implement and refine their respective technology contributions through this demonstration program and create large quantities of bio-nylon. Aquafil will build and operate the downstream operations of this large-scale demonstration plant at its facility in Slovenia, where it will convert Genomatica’s bio-based precursor to commercial-quality bio-nylon-6 yarns, films and engineered plastics. The produced material will be used to develop renewably-sourced products, replacing traditional nylon that generates upwards of 60 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Under this agreement, initial volumes of bio-nylon ingredients will be available in the latter half of 2021.

Genomatica previously scaled technology for BDO with Novamont

Genomatica has a track-record of  successfully scaling technology from idea to commercialization stage. In a seperate development, for instance, Genomatica teamed with bioplastics leader Novamont to open the world’s first commercial plant for bio-based BDO, with a capacity of 30,000 tons annually.

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